12 Seasonal Archetypes

A Quick-Reference Guide

There is a flow to life. A rhythm to the seasons of the year that most people have completely tuned out . . . leading to unnecessary stress, anxiety, and a feeling of constant curve-balls being thrown at your head!

Which is why I wrote this Quick-Reference Guide to get you up and running today with a working understanding of each of the 12 Seasonal Archetypes.

As you move through the year, it’s these 12 Archetypes that can triggering confusing emotions and behaviour in you.

So let’s take the confusion out of it!

Designed in an easy-to-navigate format that you’ll be able to reference again and again, this Guide will equip you with the effective tools you need to flow with these Archetypes through the year.

(You know, instead of continuing to fight against them!)

The Quick-Reference Guide includes:

  • Descriptions of each of the 12 Seasonal Archetypes

  • Listings for which weeks of the year each Archetype corresponds to

  • Suggestions and guidance for activities that will help you navigate each Archetype

  • Plus a special section on how these Archetypes work in the Southern Hemisphere!

When you buy the Seasonal Archetype Quick-Reference Guide today you’ll receive your purchase in both PDF and ePub formats for your reading convenience!

12 Seasonal Archetypes Guide
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