Waiting for the Light

Practical Tools and Magical Guidance to Make this Yuletide Season the Least Stressful, Most Meaningful EVER.

Have holiday seasons in the past left you feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, and more than a little let down come January?

With too much hustle and bustle and never enough calm and bright, all your best intentions just seem to fall by the wayside. You're pulled from one obligation to the next, never getting a chance to really enjoy the magic of the season.

Because the yuletide season IS magic.
You can feel it in your bones.

You just don't know how to reconcile tackling all those necessary holiday to-dos, with also giving yourself the space to really explore the deeper meaning of the season.

Waiting for the Light
 is a six-week course designed to do BOTH.

This course will equip you with the practical tools you need to plan and execute a stress-free, real-life holiday season, while also guiding you through a deeper, richer experience of the season based in symbolism, folklore and magic...

The course will run November 27th to January 5th.

These are the 4 weeks before and the 2 weeks following the Winter Solstice/Christmas.

Each weekday––Monday through Friday––will be filled with practical activities and assignments, plus inspiration, history and magical practice to guide you through the full breadth of the yuletide season.

And like a prism, we'll approach the light of the solstice
from various angles.

THE HEART – You'll tune into your higher self, sync up with the moon cycle, enjoy tradition, create magic, perform ritual, and immerse yourself in archetype, folklore and symbolism.

THE HEAD – You'll proactively envision and plan your most fulfilling holiday season EVER.

THE HANDS – And then you'll execute, completing activities and assignments that ensure you get your to-do list DONE... while still nurturing a sense of fun, peace and enjoyment, rather than stress, anxiety, guilt and commitment.

Say NO to another exhausting, overwhelming, stressful holiday season and YES to one filled with magic, mystery, peace and deep, deep enjoyment.

Join Waiting for the light and––like the spiral of a labyrinth––we'll walk together into the darkness of the year and emerge back into the light come January renewed and filled with joy!